Ocean’s 8


When going to see this movie, I wasn’t expecting it to blow my mind or to be a massive blockbuster. Ocean’s 11 is a decent movie with it’s flaws (I still don’t fully understand the whole recording thing and the SWAT team coming in, yet they blew up the vault yet they didn’t), but this looked like a fun movie and I wasn’t disappointed.

The massive positive for me with this movie is that it doesn’t rely on the franchise it’s in. It would have been so easy to have the nods and the winks, but it only does this a couple of times. Ocean’s 8 flourishes with it’s cast and the solid story. It’s not the most complicated or massively interesting story, but it works. You understand everyone’s motivations and you understand the heist.

The cast is the movie’s real strength. Every character is given their chance to shine and every actress takes it. The great thing is that this movie could have been a male cast and the same story would have worked. It was chosen to be an all female cast without the sexuality and the nods to females, clearly learning from the disaster that was Ghostbusters. This is a reboot/sequel with a female cast done right.

I don’t want to give away too much but for original Ocean’s fans there are a few cameos but not the ones you may have wanted. They are fun all the same. There’s also enough turns and twists to keep the movie interesting, with one that I very annoyingly didn’t see coming but I really should have!


There’s honestly not a lot wrong with this movie. It’s fun and funny and a good time at the cinema! The cast work really well together and the movie really flies by. Definitely worth the cinema ticket!


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