Westworld Season 2 Review

Where to even begin? I’m going to be light on the spoilers here because honestly, I haven’t fully processed all that has happened. This was a long and convoluted maze of storylines and timelines that had to be figured out and connected. It’s probably going to take another watch to fully connect everything and understand it.

This season did something that I love and wish more movies and TV shows did. Most movies or TV shows have a big event that happens, it builds up to it, the big event happens and then it’s over. You don’t know what happened after, you don’t know what effect it has on the characters and it’s left to your imagination to figure out and fill in the gaps. Season 2 did not hold back in filling in the gaps. We got deeper into each character and learnt more about their past and their motivations. Through out the season the characters and the acting have been incredible.

With building the characters more, we get an absolute heap of different timelines. We are in the present, we go to before Westworld opened, we go in-between that, and honestly a lot more. At times it’s really difficult to keep up and you spend most of some episodes trying to figure out which part of the timeline we are seeing. There are even episodes where it deliberately tries to fool you into thinking your seeing one period of time when your seeing another. After season 1 it had to keep its appeal of trying to figure out what was happening and coming up with all these crazy theories, but sometimes it was a lot.

Westworld does a great job in telling different stories of different characters on the same path. Slight spoilers but seeing Maeve’s story being explained through the ghost nation story and William’s story, really does give you a different perspective of what you’ve been watching as well. Strangely we didn’t see a lot of the man in Black, yet it was probably him that we learnt even more about. We got to see more young William which was great and how he convinced his new father in law to buy Westworld in the first place.

The whole over arching story of the season was that everyone was heading towards the valley beyond. With the valley beyond, we find out that Westworld’s true purpose was to store the client’s data in its goal for eternal life. It’s a dark and deep explanation of it which makes a lot of sense. The show’s look on what is real and what isn’t, what is it to be human and not human, it’s a convoluted look at life and you can understand the conflicts on both sides.

This probably seems like a ramble and that I’ve been talking on different timelines, but there is some deep stuff in this season that will definitely take a rewatch to properly understand and appreciate. Personal favourites of the season was seeing the Samurai world; seeing more of young William and understanding his life and seeing Bernard being pretty much the main character of the season. I do think Dolores becomes a bit one dimensional and the innocence of her character from season 1 is completely lost. However the finale might save that a little with a usual Westworld twist thrown in there.


Season 2 of Westworld was double of the first season. More timelines and more stories. At times it was a lot, maybe too much, but I still got the fun of trying to figure it all out within the awesome world of Westworld. Getting to see more of these characters and their background and the different interactions they have was a real stand out for the season. It’s going to take another watch to appreciate it but I know one thing for sure, I have no idea where they are going to go for Season 3

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