TAG Review

With all the big blockbuster superhero and action coming out this year, can a simple movie about a group of friends playing a kid’s game really stand out?


I went into this movie with pretty low expectations. The trailers had made it look fun but a bit generic. the cast looked good but didn’t strike me as the kind of people that would work well together. I am happy to report that any concerns I had about this movie were voided within 10 mins of this movie.

The idea of the movie that a group of guys set aside a month every year to continue a game of tag they started when they were kids. On the surface this sounds like a basic movie that cannot go anywhere, but someone they managed to actually make a good watchable movie out of it. This is a fun movie. There is no other word for it. The comedy and jokes land for the most part and the bluntness of them was a nice change from the PC jokes heard a lot in movies recently.

The chemistry between the characters is also great. You feel like these guys have known each other for years and almost look forward to playing tag so that they have an excuse to see each other. Jeremy Renner plays character has never been caught so the others hatch a plan to tag him before he “retires” after his wedding. While it is used to drive the story forward, this goal that they all share helps show off each of their personalities and also how they get on with  each other. With each of them constantly swapping “whose it” in order to try and catch Jeremy Renner.

This is obviously a comedy so its important that the jokes land, and for the majority of them, I have to say, I did a small giggle. I wouldn’t say it is on the same level as a movie like the hangover, but there characters reactions to situations and response to each other is laugh out loud funny at times . Everyone gets their moment to shine.

There was also a surprisingly large amount of heart in this movie that I was not expecting. I wont spoil how the movie ends, but I felt myself really attaching to these characters and the bond they had as friends. The game to them wasn’t about who won or who was it. It was about friends getting together and having fun, and you could feel that.


While not on the same level as the likes of the hangover, this is still a great movie to watch. It is the kind of movie you would see with you buddies or sitting at home on your sofa. It doesn’t try to take itself too seriously and is all the better for it. I wouldn’t say you miss a social movement if you miss it, but if you are stuck for idea of cinema trips between now and Ant-man, I would highly recommend going to see this movie.


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