Incredibles 2


I’m going to try and not use the word Incredible too much. Yes it’s the name of the movie and yes it’s always a good adjective to use for something that really really great. It would also be easy to confuse whether I’m just stating the name of the movie or what I actually think of it. Glad we cleared that up. Incredibles 2 is really Incredible.

A full 14 years later, we finally have a sequel to the awesome (I could have used it there) movie that is Incredibles. The great thing about the sequel is that it picks up right after the first one ended. No trying to figure out what has happened in between and no time jump. This was a great move as the kids being able to use their powers and then being Incredible as a family, was something that needed to be seen and would be fun to see. The dynamic of the family is the same and that’s really the strength of the movie.

I don’t want to delve into too much spoilers but this movie was a little ahead of its time. Brad Bird, the director, apparently wrote this around 7 years ago but it’s perfect for the current climate. Women are feeling under represented in movies and any industry, so the fact that this story very much focuses on Elastigirl being the main hero and Mr Incredible being the stay at home Dad is incredible (I had type it before I realised) to see. It makes the story stronger as we get to see Mr Incredible struggle to be a stay at home dad and becoming frustrated when he can’t be the hero. It’s really these parts of the movie that are the best.

Dealing with the family drama such as Violet’s boy troubles and Dash doing his homework, admittedly a weaker storyline, never gets boring and it becomes a relatable. However it’s the complete scene stealer and really, movie stealer, that is Jack Jack that makes these moments truly…awesome. The creators clearly had a lot of fun with giving Jack Jack nearly every power imaginable and it makes for some really funny sequences. The fight with the raccoon is a particular highlight along with getting his super suit at Edna’s.

Even though the enjoyed the ‘stay at home dad’ bits the best, the other storyline of the movie is just as good. The villain of the movie, Screenslaver, is mysterious and an interesting concept for Elastigirl to deal with. Along with trying to get supers legal again and the introduction of more Supers, it means that there is no weak storylines in the movie. There was never a time I was wanting to go back to see how the others were doing and it was kept interesting at all times. I did start to worry we weren’t going to see the kids in action properly but I was wrong to fear that.


The Incredibles is a great movie but this could be better. It’s funny, it’s enjoyable and it’s great to see The Incredibles again after 14 years. The animation has also dramatically improved and some of it is beautiful. I highly recommend going to see this as there’s something for everyone. It could even be Pixar’s best sequel ever. You could say the movie is quite Incredible.

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