James Gunn Fired!

Some breaking news this evening that has rocked San Diego Comic Con! James Gunn has been fired by Marvel and will no longer direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

This is the result of homophobic and paedophilic tweets were found years ago tweeted by the director. Gunn did tweet an apology before deleting his Twitter account.

Its unfortunate for Guardians fans as he has really been the reason Guardians wasn’t such a success. It was only today I watched the first one and it’s still one of my favourite Marvel movies. Unfortunately there has to be consequences for doing negative or offensive things and Marvel have taken the correct action.

It opens a lot about whether something you said years ago should be held against you. In this industry though, it is what the evidence shows and not a lot can be said after that. Do you have anything in your Twitter past that would harm your career?

Hopefully Marvel will be able to find a new director for Guardians Vol. 3 but knowing Marvel, they’ll make the right decision and hopefully Guardians Vol. 3 will still be awesome, that’s the main thing!


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